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Lahore Qalandars Vs Karachi Kings Live Streaming 2023 – PSL 8

Lahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings is the biggest clash of every HBL PSL season. Who would want to miss this match? Nowadays, so many live-streaming options are available to you.

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If you are making an excuse for not being able to watch the match, you don’t like cricket, man. This article will provide you with live-streaming options for this match.

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Lahore Qalandars v Karachi Kings live-streaming

Lahore v Karachi is always an exciting show to see. If you want to see the live streaming, you can click here. Both cities have a classical rivalry.

Each city claims to be the best city in Pakistan. Majorly, the banters on social media used to be about food. But now, Twitter is lit with the fun banter between Karachi Kings and Lahore Qalandars fans.

Do you want to be a part of this banter? Well, you have to see the match first. And for that, see the live stream, fellows.

Watch:- PSL live Streaming 2024

Streaming in Pakistan

Watching live streams from Pakistan is easy. All you need to do is tune in to A sports or Myco App. Recently, they launched Tamasha to be the digital streaming partner. Initially, the stream speed was as fast as a snail. But now, it is as fast as Naseem Shah :D.

Streaming anywhere in the world

Tapmad is officially streaming the tournament live around the world world. So if you have a subscription, you can watch the tournament live.

But, there is one thing that the fans other than in Pakistan are enjoying right now. And that is, PSL is streaming live on its official YouTube channel. So you can watch the live stream there as well.

Who will win this El-Classico of cricket?

Now, the biggest question. Who will win this desi El-Classico?

Karachi Kings have been struggling since the last season. They haven’t been able to showcase any exceptional performance. KK looked good in their previous matches, though. They fought hard, but lady luck was not on their side.

If we look at the players, Lahore has the best bowling attack in this tournament. While the Karachi Skipper, Malik, and Haider have performed.

Their head-to-head clashes suggest that Lahore is in hot waters. They lost 9/15 matches against the Kings. But, it is the Qalandars who are on the top these days.

I would make a bold claim and say that Lahore has a 55 percent chance of winning the match.

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