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Nafay shines among big names in the team

Quetta Gladiators defeated Lahore Qalandars in the 4th game of HBL PSL 9, thanks in large part to a rookie youngster called Khawaja Nafay.

Let’s see how Nafay’s remarkable performance compares to the team’s more seasoned players. Among the team’s top players, 22-year-old Khawaja Nafay shown his skill. He scored 60 not out to help the Quetta Gladiators win the match.

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When all the star players couldn’t contribute much, Nafay took the helm of the ship. He played quietly and ensured that Quetta made it to the objective. His batting shows that he is quite gifted and can manage pressure effectively.

Nafay made several stunning shots during his innings. He scored four boundaries and three sixes, demonstrating his ability and confidence.

Nafay not only scored runs but did so fast. His batting average was 193.54, which put pressure on the opposing squad. Even though the squad had many well-known athletes, Nafay stood out for his outstanding performance.

Nafay’s excellent innings helped the Quetta Gladiators win the game. His performance also demonstrates that the squad has more talented players, which is positive news for them.

Khawaja Nafay is a young player with a promising future ahead of him.

He has demonstrated that he can compete effectively even against more experienced opponents.

As Nafay continues to perform well, he will become an even more crucial player for the Quetta Gladiators. Hopefully, there’s more to come from Nafay.

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