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Multan head coach aims for the PSL Trophy

Abdul Rehman, Multan Sultans’ head coach, feels optimistic about his team’s chances in season nine of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). He thinks they can win the trophy. Let us take a deeper look at their tournament objectives and aims.

Abdul Rehman claims the Multan Sultans have a full team. This implies they have talented players in all aspects of the game, including batting, bowling, and fielding.

He believes that this balance would help them win matches. Instead of simply selecting famous players, Rehman claims they picked guys based on their abilities and positions on the squad. He wants everyone to do their part well.

Multan Sultans strengths according to the head coach

The Multan Sultans have some strong spin spinners, including Usama Mir, Khushdil Shah, and Iftikhar Ahmed.

Rehman believes that having these bowlers will help them get wickets and dominate the game. Rehman feels that even under difficult conditions, their batting lineup is capable of scoring runs.

He believes the squad can do well even if the weather is not ideal.

The coach believes that players such as Mohammad Rizwan, Iftikhar Ahmed, and Khushdil Shah are critical to the team.

He also discusses the value of having good bowlers such as Abbas Afridi and David Willey.

Facing different challenges

Rehman adds they are prepared to play on several pitches during the competition. They have planned for each place and are ready to play effectively regardless of the weather.

Players on the team are motivated to succeed because they want to be picked for Pakistan’s World Cup team. This increases their drive to do well in the PSL.

Abdul Rahman’s track record

There are only a few local coaches who make a name for themselves in Pakistan cricket. In a country where foreign coaches are valued more, Abdul Rahman has shown that competency is the main factor in getting a gig.

This coach isn’t new to disrupting the status quo or breaking the pattern. Back when Shoaib Malik’s Sialkot Stallions were considered unbeatable, Abdul Rahman’s Peshawar Panthers won the local T20 tournament.

You could see the coach’s intent from there. He knows how this job is done. This coach knows how to manage the players.

Big names like Iftikhar Ahmad and Mohammad Rizwan were in that team coached by Abdul Rahman.

This shows that Multan Sultans has done the right job by getting the right person for this gig.


Multan Sultans might have gone through a major change this year. However, it hasn’t distracted them one bit. And the previous match was proof of that.

The head coach, Abdul Rehman, is eying the trophy and showing the winning intent. This winning mentality and intent from the head coach is a positive indication for the Sultans.

No matter what happens, they are in here for the win. And this is what the Sultans have in mind for HBL PSL 9.

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