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Rizwan not under pressure

With the HBL PSL 9 final approaching, Multan Sultans skipper Mohammad Rizwan looked calm. Despite the huge stakes of the encounter against Islamabad United, Rizwan seems unconcerned, viewing it as just another game. Let’s see how Mohammad Rizwan can keep his calm under such nerve-wracking circumstances.

Rizwan is not under pressure at all

As the Sultans prepare for their fourth straight PSL final, Rizwan is calm. Reflecting on the upcoming clash, he maintains that the final will not put him under any more strain.

In his opinion, it’s just like every other match, regardless of the importance. On the other hand, Islamabad United skipper Shadab Khan is ecstatic as his team returns to the finals after a six-year absence.

Despite his extended absence from the final round, Shadab exudes optimism, crediting United’s triumph to their great team spirit.

Both captains, Rizwan and Shadab, underline the significance of teamwork and bonding on their trips to the final. Rizwan said that the team is happy and is enjoying the process.

Meanwhile, Shadab emphasizes United’s brotherly spirit and unified approach to the game. In a final appeal to fans, both captains extend invites to see what will develop at the National Bank Cricket Stadium. They want the fans to make this a memorable event. 


As the PSL final approaches, Mohammad Rizwan’s unfailing serenity is a source of security for the Sultans. Amid high expectations and enthusiasm, Rizwan’s unwavering approach exemplifies the essence of leadership. The stage is set for an exciting battle on Monday with both captains rousing their players and fans.

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