Will Peshawar host any PSL match?

Pakistan Super League is around the corner. The first match will start on 17 February 2024. However, there is a lot of debate on whether Pakistan can host all the PSL matches in the country. This is due to the general elections.

Hence, PSL 9 could follow a hybrid model. But what are the possible venues whenever the tournament enters Pakistan for this season? Will Peshawar and Quetta finally get to host their franchises on their home grounds? Continue reading to know more about it.

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Four possible venues

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently confirmed that the PSL 9 will be held in four cities: Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Rawalpindi. This move intends to highlight the abilities of over 450 players, including both international and domestic stars. While this sets the setting for a thrilling competition, it also introduces certain difficulties.

However, what are those problems? Let’s go through them one by one.

  • The suggested schedule places the first match on February 8 at Lahore. However, franchisees are concerned about how the chilly weather and likely fog may disrupt team operations. This has sparked debate over the viability of teams remaining, practising, and playing efficiently in Lahore under these conditions.
  • During all this debate, Peshawar Zalmi is pleading with the PCB to include Peshawar as one of the host cities. The franchise promises the cricketing authority that the remaining stadium construction would be finished within two months, making the venue a feasible option. Despite these guarantees, the PCB has to make a final judgment on including Peshawar.

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  • The previous year, Quetta also wanted to host PSL matches. However, PCB couldn’t make any considerable developments besides holding a warmup match.

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  • Another major worry expressed by franchisees is the anticipated final, slated for March 24 in Karachi. There is concern about the crowd size and its possible influence on ticket sales. The PSL champions, MS, have offered to host the final at the Multan Cricket Stadium as a solution. They express optimism in getting a large enough crowd to fill the stadium.

Possible solutions

Multan Sultans’ plan changes the final venue, underlining the probable issues in Karachi. The franchise’s desire to host the final at Multan Cricket Stadium demonstrates a proactive effort to ensure a lively environment for the PSL 9 finale.

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As the negotiations progress, the PCB intends to provide the formal timetable on December 13 under the PSL 9 Draft. This day will clarify the site selection process, address franchise concerns and set the foundation for an exciting event.

Concluding remarks

The site for PSL 9 has sparked heated debate within the cricketing world. With weather worries in Lahore, a continuous request from Peshawar, and a proposal to move the final to Multan, the PCB has the problem of guaranteeing the best conditions for teams while boosting spectator participation.

As supporters await the final schedule, the decisions taken will significantly influence the dynamics of PSL 9.

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