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Hunain should step out of Naseem’s shadow

New players sometimes encounter hurdles, particularly if they are following in the shoes of a renowned brother. This is the situation with Hunain Shah, the younger sibling of Pakistan cricketer Naseem Shah. Let’s look at why Hunain has to come out of his brother’s shadow and thrive on his own success in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Hunain should create his own identity

Famous cricket guru Ramiz Raja believes Hunain should play for a different PSL team rather than Islamabad United, where his brother Naseem currently plays.

Ramiz feels that being under Naseem’s shadow may hold Hunain back. Ramiz believes Hunain must carve his career in cricket, separate from his brother’s prominence.

He believes that playing for another team will allow Hunain to express himself freely and strengthen his talents without comparison.

It’s difficult for young cricketers, especially if their family has a strong cricket heritage. They may be concerned about falling short of their sibling’s abilities.

Ramiz believes Hunain to overcome his nervousness and showcase his skills as a cricketer.

Success despite the pressure

Under the pressure, Hunain has performed well in the current PSL season. He has collected as many wickets in six matches, demonstrating his bowling talent.

However, there is still space for growth. To succeed in cricket, Hunain must be himself and develop his style. While having a renowned sibling can assist, he must establish himself via his abilities and efforts.

As cricket fans, we should support Hunain and encourage him to follow his ambitions with confidence. Stepping out of his brother’s shadow might result in enormous success for him.

With the appropriate mindset, he may make significant progress in his career and be a respected player.


Hunain Shah’s PSL experience shows the challenges that many young players endure. Hunain may build a name for himself in cricket by coming out of his brother’s shadow. Let us support him as he embarks on this exciting new phase in his career.

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