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Abrar and Saud fined after match 32

A lot more happened during the IU vs QG match yesterday as Saud Shakeel and Abrar are in the news. During the furious action, spinner Abrar Ahmed and opener Saud Shakeel got themselves in hot water, receiving penalties for violating the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) Code of Conduct. Let’s see what the Gladiator boys have done to get themselves into this trouble.

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Abrar and Saud Shakeel fined

Abrar Ahmed violated a regulation that requires players to pay attention to the umpires. During the 19th over of the match, he slid the ball around the ground while fielding, despite the umpires’ instructions.

This was a huge error that landed him in danger. Saud Shakeel also did something wrong. Saud said something to an Islamabad United player that may make him furious once he was released.

This is against the game’s regulations, which state that players should be courteous to one another. Both Abrar and Saud acknowledged doing anything improper.

They accepted the sentence imposed by match referee Mohammad Javed. This demonstrates that they acknowledge their faults and are prepared to accept the consequences.

This isn’t happening for the first time

Before this, Iftikhar Ahmad and other players in PSL have misbehaved this way. We do understand that things happen in the heat of the moment. But the players have to think about their actions and their consequences. They are influencers since the youngsters are watching the matches. Cricket is a gentlemen’s game, and cricketers have to keep that spirit up.


The officials, Ahsan Raza and Chris Gaffaney were the people who noticed Abrar and Saud’s errors. They ensured that players were made responsible for their acts. In cricket, players must adhere to the regulations.

The penalties taken on Abrar Ahmed and Saud Shakeel serve as a reminder to everyone that no player exceeds the laws of the game. As the Pakistan Super League proceeds, players should remember to play fairly and respectfully to one another, making the game entertaining for all.

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