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Usman Tariq cleared of all suspicion

The authorities have given Quetta’s mystery spinner a clean chit for bowling in HBL PSL 9. Firstly, he was suspected of an illegal bowling action. However, after close inspection by the match authorities, he is allowed to bowl again. When will you see him in action, and when can Usman Tariq continue to bowl with this action? These are some important questions since bowlers have been banned from bowling even after they were cleared. Let’s find out here.

Usman Tariq cleared of all suspicion

Earlier, Usman Tariq was suspected of an illegal bowling action on 6 March 2024. The umpires at that time were Richard Illingworth and Asif Yaqoob. However, after clearing the test at the National Bank Stadium, Usman is allowed to bowl again. He will be able to play for Quetta Gladiators today against the Multan Sultans in Karachi.

However, this isn’t the end of the road for Usman Tariq. The authorities can suspect him for another time and that will be his last chance. If he manages to clear that test, and even then, gets suspected, he will be banned until he clears an official test.

For now, Usman can get away with having an unofficial assessment in the stadium. However, he has to work on his bowling action. The authorities have advised him to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

This is important for all the bowlers, especially the spinners. Things like these have cut short the careers of legends like Saeed Ajmal and Sunil Narine. Even if Sunil came back, he wasn’t as potent as before, cutting short his potential.


While things like these leave a bitter taste in your mouth, it is important to ensure that the sport remains fair for everyone. It is very easy to bowl very good variations if you are chucking. But what’s the point of playing this sport if you are resorting to things like that? That is why, strict actions must be taken. Usman Tariq still has another lifeline, but that’s it. He has to ensure this doesn’t happen for the third time. Otherwise, he can say goodbye to his career as a bowler.

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