Changes needed in Rawalpindi Stadium

The Pindi Cricket Stadium has been the home of cricket for over 30 years. However, as cricket progresses and grows in popularity, changes and improvements become necessary. Let’s look at the changes that are needed to bring the Rawalpindi Stadium up to current norms.

Changes needed in Rawalpindi Stadium

The stadium appears practically identical to when it was erected 32 years ago. While it’s wonderful to reflect on the past, the stadium needs to keep up with current cricket.

Cricket has grown in popularity, thanks in large part to tournaments such as the Pakistan Super League. However, the stadium barely houses 14,000 people.

That is insufficient to satisfy all cricket lovers. In previous PSL games, too many individuals requested tickets but were unable to obtain them.

This implies that the stadium needs extra seats so that everyone interested in watching cricket has a chance.

Some fans tried unsuccessfully to obtain tickets. They were frustrated since they wanted to catch the match live but were unable to get a seat.

Things can get better

Recently, the cricket board chairman stated that they plan to expand the stadium. People such as Naseer Ahmad believe the stadium’s capacity should be expanded. This gives me hope that things will be better soon.

Even cricketers claim they enjoy playing in Rawalpindi because the crowd is so enthusiastic. However, they also demand improved amenities.

They want the stadium to be as impressive as the crowd. It’s time for the cricket board to improve Rawalpindi Stadium. Fans demand a stadium that is not just ancient but also serves their requirements.


Rawalpindi Stadium has a rich history, but it must also evolve to meet modern demands. By expanding and improving the stadium, it has the potential to become a popular destination for cricket lovers. Let us make Rawalpindi Stadium the finest facility it can be!

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