How to watch HBL PSL 9 in Saudi Arabia (KSA)?

There is a vast South Asian population in Saudi Arabia that loves to watch cricket. For a pure cricket lover, PSL is an event that is hard to skip. But most people do not know how to watch PSL live. For them, we are writing this article that will answer your most asked question: How to watch HBL PSL 9 live from Saudi Arabia?” So if you are curious about how to watch PSL after a hard day at work, this article is a must-read for you.

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How to watch HBL PSL 9 in Saudi Arabia LIVE (KSA)?

There are a lot of Muslims from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh who are working in Saudi Arabia. Like anyone from these countries, there must be a lot of cricket fans there as well. Hence, PCB makes sure that that viewership is not ignored. Hence, there are some official ways to catch PSL 9 live streaming from Saudi Arabia. Following are some of these options

  • eLife TV
  • PTV sports app
  • Tapmad
  • Watch live cricket HD app
  • Etisalat
  • ICC TV

You can use these options to watch HBL PSL 8 in KSA.

Watch HBL PSL 9 through official channels.

The PCB spends a lot of money to ensure you get the best quality. The official partners are liable to provide you with the best streaming quality. It is a waste if you do not use the official channels to watch PSL live. Hence, you must spend a small amount of money to have the best cricket experience.

Final words

There are a lot of people from South Asia in KSA. And a lot of Pakistanis are from South Punjab. The opening ceremony is in Multan Cricket Stadium. The south Punjab’s team, Multan Sultans, will play the first match against Lahore Qalandars. If you are from these areas, you will root for the Sultans. You can catch the live streaming and support your team from Saudi Arabia.

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