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Azhar Mehmood encourages innovation in PSL

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) constantly welcomes fresh ideas. Azhar Mahmood, the mentor of Islamabad United’s bowlers, recently made a unique idea. He believes that coaches and team captains ought to use mics during matches. Let’s look at what this involves and why Mahmood believes it’s an excellent idea.

Azhar’s innovative idea

In today’s environment, technology can do a lot. Using mics can assist teams improve. Coaches can exchange ideas, and captains may manage their teams more successfully.

Azhar Mahmood reflected on Islamabad United’s loss against Lahore Qalandars in PSL 9. He feels that coaches and captains ought to use mics during games.

This allows them to communicate and make swift judgments. Mahmood believes that having mics may help teams interact better. Coaches can offer advice, and captains can make better decisions during matches. It’s like getting a coach’s advice right on the pitch.

The Pakistan Super League is recognized for attempting new things. Mahmood’s suggestion fits nicely. It’s all about making cricket more interesting and enjoyable for all participants.

However, there are several problems to consider. It is critical to ensure that the microphones operate properly, that everything remains secret, and that no players are distracted. These tasks require careful planning.

This is something PSL might need

This is not the first time someone has brought up a discussion like this. There have been instances where the content creators on different websites have discussed this as something that might be holding the league back. Innovations like these are needed the most to make things interesting for both the fans and the team.

For example, Big Bash League puts a mic on the players and lets them have discussions with the commentators during the match. This is something that adds something new to the competition and makes your product different.

However, PSL hasn’t done anything like this for the past nine years. Azhar’s idea is pretty unique and any sane mind will be quick to catch on this idea.


As the PSL progresses, Mahmood’s concept sparks interesting debate. Whether it occurs or not, it demonstrates how the league is constantly planning.

Azhar Mahmood’s notion of coaches and captains utilizing microphones is a novel approach to cricket. It might alter how teams play and make games more entertaining.

Whether it becomes a reality or not, it demonstrates how the PSL is open to new ideas and constantly searching for ways to improve the game.

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