Inzi resigns from his position

BREAKING – Inzamam-ul-Haq, the chief selector of the Pakistan cricket team, has stepped down from his position. The news was broken on social media just now. The veteran batter has resigned his position owing to the disappointing performance from the team in the 2023 Cricket World Cup 2023. People have mixed views. Some are happy, while others are against this. We will try to talk about both POVs.

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Inzi has been the chief selector for the Pakistan cricket team on and off. However, this time, the performance of the squad was pathetic. People were against his selection as the selector again. This is because his experiments and selection had failed before as well.

His being the chief selector also sparks the debate of conflict of interest since his nephew, Imam-ul-Haq, is in the squad. And Imam’s disappointing performance hasn’t helped at all.

Analysts on the TV had pointed fingers at him, claiming that he was doing favoritism and wasn’t giving chances on merit. Inzi denies these allegations and has threatened to resign before as well.

This time, he has gone on with this decision and has resigned from his position midway through the tournament. Sources claim that he has done this due to poor performance from the team.

Some people are against this move, stating that it doesn’t make sense to remove a selector who hasn’t spent that much time. However, the more rational minds state that a player of Inzi’s caliber should be in the NCA preparing the next generation.

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