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Cricket World Cup 2023 is about to start on 5 October in an exciting match-up between England and New Zealand. Fans have been waiting for this for the past four years for the World Cup again. It is the time when everyone can enjoy cricket to the fullest. It is a festival.

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And what makes this festival even more interesting are cricket stats. These numbers are interesting. They tell a story words cannot describe. You can look at the strike rate of a batsman or the economy rate of a bowler and can tell what was happening to both of them on the cricket ground.

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Analysts use cricket stats to assess a player’s performance or perform a SWOT analysis. We will look at these numbers and see what they are cooking. Who has the most runs, who picked the most wickets, and which player has been the best fielder?

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The Cricket World Cup has been around since 1975, and trust me, there are a lot of numbers to look for. So let’s get right into it and waste no more time on this jibber jabber.

An Overview of Cricket World Cup Statistics

Since 1975, there have been 12 world cups. The Aussies have been the most successful team in the history of this tournament, bagging five titles so far. Will they also pick up the title in the 2023 edition of this tournament? That is a question for another day.

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Here is a small overview of all the Cricket World Cups so far.

YearParticipantsWinnersRunners up
19758West Indies Australia
19798West IndiesEngland
19838IndiaWest Indies
199612Sri LankaAustralia
200716AustraliaSri Lanka
201114IndiaSri Lanka
201514AustraliaNew Zealand
201910EnglandNew Zealand

Team Performances

Without even an ounce of doubt, Australia has been the most dominant force in the World Cup. No team has ever won the tournament consecutively three times in a row. The only team that is second to Australia in that regard is West Indies. They won the first two editions of the tournament consecutively.

However, we never talk about the team that has been runners-up for the times, have we? England, the current world champion, has been the ranked 2 team for three teams. Australia, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand have been the runners-up two times.

Regarding the highest total, Australia scored 417/6 against Afghanistan in the 2015 World Cup. Here are some of the first innings scores set by different teams.

South Africa411/4Ireland
South Africa408/5West Indies
Sri Lanka398/5Kenya

It is important to note that South Africa scored these runs in the 2015 World Cup. THEY DID ALL OF THIS IN A SINGLE TOURNAMENT. South African is a dangerous team in group stages.

Here are some of the lowest totals by the teams in World Cups throughout the years.

Canada36Sri Lanka
Bangladesh58West Indies
Scotland68West Indies

Batting records

ICC loves batters. Somehow, the rules have become batting-friendly over the years because the sponsors and broadcasters think this is what attracts the audience.

Partly, yes. But can you take out the exciting Fast bowling from the game?

Hey, wait, I just had a banter on batting-friendly conditions here for nothing. Let’s talk about the batting records. You will see the numbers going up in recent years. I thought you might want to know the reason.


These are the players that have the most runs in World Cups.

Sachin Tendulkar227844
Ricky Ponting174342
Kumar Sangakkara153235
BC Lara122533
AB de Villiars120722

Here are the highest individual scores.

MJ Guptill237 (223)West Indies
Chris Gayle215 (212)Zimbabwe
G Kirsten188 (210)UAE
SC Ganguly183 (210)Sri Lanka
Viv Richards181Sri Lanka

Here’s the record for the most runs in a single World Cup edition.

Sachin Tendulkar6732003
Mathew Hayden6592007
Rohit Sharma6482019
David Warner6472019
Shakib Al Hasan6062019

Sachin Tendulkar is an undisputed King of the batsmen in the World Cups.

Bowling records

Something is exciting about the bowlers. That swing of the white ball, the spin in the middle overs, the reverse swinging yorkers, the bouncers at 90 MPH, and the sound of the wickets falling. You cannot have a perfect match without a proper display from the bowlers.

Let’s have some bowling records in the World Cups. First of all, here are the top wicket-takers in the history of this tournament.

GD McGrath3971
M Muralidaran3968
L Malinga2856
Wasim Akram3655
M Starc1849

Most of these bowlers are from the old days, except Starc. You can count Malinga as someone who has witnessed both eras.

While McGrath stands at the pinnacle of bowling in the World Cups. Although you could debate, Wasim Akram could have double the number of wickets he has right now if Pakistan’s fielders did a decent job and DRS was in the play.

Here is the record for best bowling figures in a single World Cup match

GD McGrath7-15Namibia
AJ Bichel7-20England
TG Southee7-33England
WW Davis7-51Australia
GJ Gilmour6-14England

Wow, it seems like England likes to be the punching bag of these bowlers all the time.

Here are the most wickets in a single World Cup tournament

PlayerWicketsStrike RateYear
M Starc2720.512019
GD McGrath2618.652007
Chaminda Vaas2322.952003
M Muralidaran2322.082007
SW Tait2322.042007

Fielding and wicketkeeping records

Here are some of the best fielders in the history of this tournament

Ricky Ponting4628
Joe Root1720
ST Jayasuriya3818
Chris Gayle3517
Faf du Plessis2216

Now, it’s time for the best wicketkeepers so far.

Kumar Sangakkara3654
Adam Gilchrist3152
MS Dhoni2942
Brendon McCullum2532
Mark Bouncher2531
Moin Khan2030


These were some World Cup stats over the years. But keep in mind, there are many unsung heroes that we couldn’t include in the list. Numbers cannot tell the whole story. Some innings can have a more profound impact on the audience than the highest score. Or, certain wickets can have shaped cricket culture in specific teams for decades.

This was just a fun little article for cricket nerds like me. I hope you like it. If you did, share it with your friends and turn on our notifications.

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