Pakistan vs India Asia Cup 2023 schedule

So, the Asia Cup 2023 action will begin on 31 August 2023. But the match the whole world is waiting for is Pakistan vs. India. Without a doubt, India vs. Pakistan matches gather a lot of viewers from all over the world. Eye candy for the broadcasters for sure! And the good news is that both teams will face off against each other on 2 September 2023. 

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Yeah, you heard that right. After all the fight off the field, we can finally see both teams bearing their fangs on the pitch. Mark your calendar, guys, because this is when the heat will be off the charts.

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In this article, you will read our views on the match-up, the predictions and what the records say. It is going to be a good read for you, indeed. Not bragging, but we worked hard on this one.

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So without wasting a single second, let’s jump right into it.

The anticipation and wait for India vs. Pakistan.

Both the boards had quite a tussle before the Asia Cup even began. We will not start on that one, as you have heard about it enough. Today, we will talk about the wait and anticipation everyone has for the 2 September matchup.

It’s a no-brainer that everyone loves to watch India vs Pakistan matches. Some say that the rivalry even surpassed the Ashes series. And why wouldn’t it? About 1.3 Billion people watch this match at the very least.

Imagine everyone sticking to their TV screens just to watch this match live. This will be one hell of a show.

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Past records

So, what are India and Pakistan’s records regarding head-to-head matchups in Asia Cup? Let me show you this little table we prepared.

Pakistan vs. India Asia Cup 1984-2018
Total matches 13
India won 7
India lost 5
India’s win percentage 53.84

Looking at these stats, you can say that India has a slight edge over Pakistan. Before Asia Cup 2018, they were 50-50. India won both of their matches against Pakistan in the 2018’s edition of the Asia Cricket Tournament. This was the last scorecard for the match.

Shoaib Malik 78 (90) Kuldeep Yadav 2-41
Sarfaraz Ahmad 44 (66) Jasprit Bumrah 2-29
Asif Ali 30 (21) Yuzvendra Chahal 2-46
INDIA 238-1
Shikhar Dhawan 114 (100) Shoaib Malik 0-14
Rohit Sharma 111 (119) Mohammad Nawaz 0-35
RESULT = India won by 9 wickets

How to watch India vs. Pakistan live?

So, where can you watch the match live? Well, we got answers for you here. You can watch the matches live on A Sports and PTV Sports if you are a Pakistani. You can even watch the matches live on Tampad and Daraz apps.

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If you are an Indian, you can stream the matches live on the JioCinema app. Trust me, the 4k resolution on the live stream will leave you mesmerized. Also, you can enjoy it on TV on Star Sports.

Our prediction

So what is our prediction? Well, both teams have been showing exceptional performance. While India will be on the top based on their recent performance in the international space, Pakistan will be looking forward to even the score.

Both teams seem equal in the batting and bowling departments. But as usual, India’s batting is a bit more experienced, while Pakistan’s bowling has that x-factor that Indian bowlers have lacked.

It is extremely hard to make any predictions, but if we had to, India would take a slight advantage with 51%

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The eagerly awaited India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 match is scheduled for September 2, 2023. This match between the two cricketing titans is widely anticipated by fans worldwide, and it will likely draw a large audience.

According to statistical data, India has a minor advantage over Pakistan in Asia Cup head-to-head matches. However, both sides have been doing incredibly well, making any firm predictions tough.

The game may be seen live on various platforms, including A Sports, PTV Sports, the JioCinema app, and Star Sports. The match promises to be a tough struggle on the cricket field, with India’s veteran batting lineup and Pakistan’s fearsome bowling attack.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Where is the next Asia Cup Cricket 2023 schedule?

Asia cup will be played in Pakistan and Sri Lanka this time.

Is Pakistan playing in Asia Cup 2023?

Yes, Pakistan will be playing and hosting the matches.

Who will host Asia Cup 2023 schedule?

Pakistan is going to host the Asia Cup. However, some matches will be played on neutral grounds.

How many matches are there in Asia Cup 2023?

There will be 13 Matches this time.

When will Asia Cup start?

Asia Cup will start on 31 August 2023.

How many Asia Cups has Pakistan won?

Pakistan has won the Asia Cup 2 times. The first was in 2000, and the second was in 2012. The most successful team has been Sri Lanka.

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