Pakistan would like to play non-Asian team in Warmups, says PCB

Is the Pakistan cricket team afraid to take on Rashid Khan on a spinning track? Well, seems like that is the case here. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) intimated to the ICC that they do not want to play their warm-up watches with an Asian team.

They gave some reasons for it. They would already have played the Asian sides in the Asia Cup in September. Also, the PCB had reservations about the venue they would play Afghanistani if they had to play them in the first place.

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This article will discuss this news and how BCCI has reacted to PCB’s demands. So let’s jump right into this blog post.

Pakistan doesn’t want to play Afghanistan in warmup matches.

So, Pakistan doesn’t want to play an Asian side in the ICC world cup warm-up matches. They are particularly pointing out Afghanistan. Pakistan was going to play Afghanistan in Chennai for the warmup matches. But, they have requested ICC to avoid pitting them against any Asian side for these matches.

First, they have given the reason they would already have played Afghanistan or any other Asian side in the Asia Cup 2023. Second, they are concerned about the pitch conditions, which we will discuss later.

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Swap the venues; no spin track for Afghan spinners, please!

PCB has also shared its reservations about playing Afghan spinners on the pitch of Chennai. We all know that it spins like a banana in Chennai. And PCB thinks losing morale by playing Afghanistan spinners on this ground is pointless. That is why they have asked ICC to swap the venues.

They have requested to play Australia in Chennai. Consequently, they will play Afghanistan in Bengaluru if they have to.

And BCCI had some interesting things to say. Let’s find out.

BCCI’s response

Despite these reservations, the BCCI has stood hard and denied the PCB’s demands to the ICC. The Indian cricket governing board is hesitant to change the proposed timetable.

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They have their problems as well. Of course, changing the schedule midway will be difficult for them. Not only do they have to change the hotel bookings, but they will also have to listen to other team’s demands. Seems like a headache BCCI isn’t willing to face!

Whether or not BCCI will accommodate the Pakistan cricket team here seems difficult. But we have to see how the story unfolds. If you ask us, Pakistan will have to face Afghanistan in Chennai.


The blog post highlights the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) refusal to play warm-up matches against an Asian nation, specifically Afghanistan, in the ICC World Cup.

The PCB cited reasons such as having already played Asian teams in the Asia Cup and being concerned about facing Afghan spinners on the Chennai spinning track.

They asked the ICC to switch venues, with Australia playing in Chennai and Afghanistan in Bengaluru.

However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has rejected the proposals, citing logistical issues and a refusal to adjust the approved timetable.

The conclusion of whether Pakistan will finally meet Afghanistan in Chennai remains unknown, and the issue will be watched closely.

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