Sri Lanka bowled out! | Mohammad Siraj 4 wickets – Asia Cup 2023

Sri Lanka and India are playing the final match of Asia Cup 2023. And they have been bowled out on 50 runs. The batting debacle started with Mohammad Siraj blitzing through the Sri Lankan batters with pace. They couldn’t stand up in the innings at all.

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Sirat told the match presenters that he planned to bowl at the right line and length, and it worked. He usually goes for the swing, but it wasn’t working. Today, he changed his plan and the seam position slightly. And that has worked for Mohammad Siraj.

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Taking six wickets in an ODI match is not a joke at all. Burah may have drawn the first blood, but Siraj came out as the star of the first half of this ODI match.

The 4th over was not a good thing for Sri Lanka as four wickets came out of it, all from Mohammad Siraj.


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Hardik Pandya also cut through the Sri Lankan batting lineup like it was made of butter, and he was the hot knife.

India has to chase 51 runs in 50 overs. This seems to be a smooth ride for them.

Well, let’s just say it now. INDIA HAS WON THE ASIA CUP 2023. What a team! Watch out because they are going to be lethal in the ICC Cricket World Cup with this confidence boost.

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