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Tymal Mills excited to play for Islamabad United

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is gearing up for an intriguing season as England’s Tymal Mills prepares to join Islamabad United. Mills discussed his joy about reconnecting with familiar faces, the league’s difficult competition, and his future goals. Mills is ecstatic to be joining Islamabad United, especially because he knows several of the team’s players well. He’s good pals with players like Azam and Shadab, which renders his comeback to the league all the more thrilling.

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Importance of Franchise Leagues

Mills discussed how franchise leagues allow players to learn from one another’s skills and flaws. While opponents may be aware of his methods, he also learns from them, making games more fascinating and competitive.

Mills commended the PSL’s high quality of competitiveness, particularly now that it is back in Pakistan. He believes Pakistan has many good fast bowlers, and he appreciates tight encounters in which anything may happen till the end.

Mills believes in assisting inexperienced players like Ubaid and Hunain. He believes that people learn best by playing, and he is delighted to share his knowledge to help them grow.

Plans for the Pakistan Super League

Mills wants to win the PSL with Islamabad United and help the team prosper. He also hopes to play for England again, particularly in the T20 World Cup.

Despite setbacks, he maintains a good attitude and works hard to attain his objectives.

When questioned about favourites for the T20 World Cup, Mills named England and the West Indies as serious contenders.

He believes the West Indies have a strong batting order that will make them formidable opponents.


Tymal Mills is excited and hopeful about the upcoming season as he prepares to play for Islamabad United in the PSL.

Mills is poised to have a significant effect both on and off the game, with an emphasis on assisting younger players and a desire to represent England once more.

Fans are excited to watch him in action and support him on as he pursues his aspirations in the PSL.

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