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Faheem Ashraf opens up about his performance

Faheem Ashraf, a crucial player for Islamabad United, discusses his performance in the ongoing HBL PSL 9. After making some positive contributions during recent games, he believes there is still potential for progress.

Ashraf is pleased with his performance in a few matches, but he wants to improve even more. He discusses how he has been with the squad for seven years and the importance of trust between players and management.

Shadab’s role in the team

He discusses how Skipper Shadab Khan and the team administration help him. He feels comfortable that they believe in him, which drives him to give his all on the field.

According to Ashraf, it is critical to enjoy cricket regardless of the outcome. He adds that spending time with his family keeps him upbeat, even when matters don’t turn out smoothly on the playing field.

Plans in the team

While thinking about the impending World Cup, Ashraf is concentrating on the current PSL matches. He feels that it is more vital to succeed today than to focus just on the future.

He discusses how important rest is for athletes, likening the body to a machine that needs pauses.

Ashraf believes that athletes should prioritize self-care while still achieving their full potential. Ashraf highlights the significance of regular performance to stay on the squad.

He urges athletes to focus on achieving their best rather than worrying about the competition.


Faheem Ashraf’s remarks describe what it’s like to be an elite cricketer. He’s trying hard to enhance his game, with help from his teammates. As the PSL progresses, fans expect more outstanding performances from Ashraf and his fellow players.

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