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Haris Rauf Denies Allegations

Wahab Riaz, Pakistan’s newly appointed Chief Selector, has confirmed the 18-member Test team for the forthcoming visit to Australia. The absence of the excellent pacer Haris Rauf, however, caught everyone off guard. As various tales about Rauf’s decision to forgo the tour emerged, the dispute grew.

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Wahab Riaz announced the Test team for the Australia trip, which will occur from December 14, 2023, to January 7, 2024. The exclusion of Haris Rauf from the team raised many eyebrows and became the focal point of the selection debate. Fans and cricket commentators were curious why a potential fast bowler was left out.

Wahab’s allegations

Speaking to the media, Wahab Riaz stated that Haris Rauf initially agreed to join the Test team but changed his mind at the last minute. Rauf claimed fitness problems and task management as the reasons for his retirement.

Riaz told Rauf that the team’s management had provided him with the required guarantees, and the team’s physio affirmed he had no injury worries.

Rauf’s workload may have been controlled well despite his weariness. Wahab Riaz expressed displeasure, claiming that Rauf’s action might hurt Pakistan cricket.

Haris Rauf’s reply

According to a source close to Haris Rauf, the fast bowler never committed to playing in the Test series in Australia in the first place.

Rauf informed Wahab Riaz that he had not played much red-ball cricket recently. Rauf stated his wish to improve his white-ball abilities and general health. And it was in the plans for a long time.

Another argument in favor of Haris Rauf is that PCB had issued an NOC to play BBL. If PCB wanted him to play in the test series, Haris Rauf wouldn’t have gotten the NOC. This is because the BBL schedule and the Test series are clashing with each other. Tensions between the chief selector and Rauf may make gaining the necessary approval difficult.


As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Haris Rauf’s exclusion from the Test team was motivated by factors other than fitness. The contradictory accounts from both sides create a perplexing scenario, raising concerns about communication and openness during the selection process.

As the cricketing world waits for further information, this incident serves as a reminder of the difficult balance between player preferences, team duties, and the complexity of cricketing relationships.

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