ICC World Cup 2023: Pakistan vs India match rescheduled

Pakistan vs India world cup match is likely to be rescheduled. The men in green and blue shirts would play their first league match on 15 October 2023 in Ahmedabad. But due to a religious festival, it is a high chance that BCCI will reschedule the match.

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BCCI will meet on 27 July to discuss how they can manage the whole situation. India vs Pakistan is a big event in any tournament, and it will be a full house. Because of these reasons, the security agencies have advised the Indian cricket governing body to reschedule the match.

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More of this story in this article.

Rescheduling due to security concerns

Pakistan and India are going to clash on 15 October 2023 in Ahmedabad. The stage is set in the world’s biggest cricket stadium – Narendra Modi Stadium.

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Coincidentally, this clashes with Navratri, a religious festival many devout Hindus in Gujarat celebrate with zeal and zest.

Security agencies are concerned that both of these events may stretch their forces on the ground. Due to these issues, they told BCCI to reschedule the event. Streets already become full due to Navratri. India vs Pakistan match will get more fans to flood the city.

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This has caused Jay Shah to make arrangements. A certain BCCI official has claimed that they are thinking about all their options and will decide soon.

Jay Shah’s meeting with the officials

Jay Shah has also written letters to the organizations arranging this event. He will meet with them on 27 July 2023 to discuss the options and security concerns.

We are supposed to get another date for this match after this meeting. We will keep you hooked on the latest events and news.

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The world cup is set to begin in October in a match between New Zealand and England. There will e a lot of action-packed in this event as the format allows the teams to play with all the other teams. There will be 10 teams in this world cup.

Pakistan-India match always pulls a huge crowd wherever it is. The recent match between their A teams in the emerging Asia Cup is proof of it.

Hence, the security concerns have led BCCI to make a tough decision here. Whatever it may be, we will be the first ones to inform you. So turn on your notifications and get the latest updates from us.

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