ICC World Cup 2023: Pakistani fans not happy with the promo

Recently, ICC released the cricket world cup 2023 promo video from their official Twitter account, which starred Indian film star Shahrukh Khan as the lead. While fans across India celebrate this newly released promo, Pakistani fans are unhappy.

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Pakistani fans, along with genuine cricket fans, are not happy with the promo at all. And it is because of numerous reasons, one of them being the exclusion of Pakistan’s flag in the video. They are even calling it the BCCI promo. Journalist Faizan Lakhani, in his article, even labelled it as an “India Cup” promo.

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In this article, we will discuss why Pakistani fans are bashing ICC and their reactions on Twitter.

So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

The promo and why real cricket fans are not liking it

ICC has released the promo, featuring Indian film industry legend Shahrukh Khan as the lead. There were others included, like the former skipper of the defending champions Eoin Morgan, Jhonty Rhoades, Jemimah Rodrigues, and other cricketers.

But Pakistan fans are in dismay as their side of the story isn’t portrayed in the promo properly. The boys in Green are showed in a negative light, with only disappointing moments from the recent cricketing journey added to the video.

Many fans are questioning whether it is a BCCI promo or an ICC promo. Some fans are calling out the bigotry of Indian lobby in the ICC.

Another thing that baffled cricket fraternity all around the world (except India) was the absense of number one ODI batsman Babar Azam in the promo.

Reactions on Twitter

Here are a few reactions from the community.

Famous Pakistani Youtuber and actor Arslan Naseer had this to say about the promo. Keep in mind that he is an avid cricket fan and reviews cricket matches on his channel as well.

A Pakistani sports journalist had this to say about showing Pakistan in a negative light.

Pakistani satirist Ali Gul Pir had this to say about the hypocrisy of some cricketing world.

An angry Pakistani went as far as to call it the “Indian Cricket Team” promo.

Here is what the sports journalist from Pakistan had to say about Babar Azam’s absense


This was what the fans are talking about as well. Some other fans were talking about how it looked more like an IPL promo. India is not alien to such outrageous and bigotted marketing stunts. Before, they have run ads like “Mauka Mauka” to belittle Pakistan cricket team fans.

It sounds extremely petty and arrogant, and it looks like some people are looking for clout by inciting hate among the cricket fans. We would hope that ICC would have put some quality checks, but the situation looks disappointing.

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