Security concerns haunt Pakistan’s world cup schedule

Security concerns have haunted Pakistan’s world cup schedule so far. The green shirts were to face off against India on 15 October 2023. But this match was rescheduled to a day earlier due to Navratri, a Hindu religious festival. Their match against England, scheduled on 12 November 2023, is facing similar issues.

The CAB representative has stated that it will be hard to provide Pakistan team security when the police are preoccupied with providing security on the day of Kali Pooja.

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While the CAB chief has stated that no such demands were made from his side. But scoops from inside his department state otherwise. Police will be busy providing security for the Hindu festival, making it hard to ensure the Pakistan team’s security.

Kolkata Police has cited concerns to provide security for the match slated on Diwali. We have informed the ICC and BCCI to reschedule it and if does not happen we would inform this to the chief minister” – CAB representative.

This match between the English and the Shaheens was to be played in Kolkata Eden Gardens. Kolkata is a place where the mentioned festival is celebrated with a lot of zeal and zest. So the news seems to be true. But this is starting to seem like a pattern.

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Earlier, Pakistan’s match against India was rescheduled, and now this match as well. And there is one thing in common, the religious festivals. BCCI or ICC have shown their incompetence when formulating this schedule. Or, the security concerns regarding the Pakistan cricket team are that serious, owing to the rising religious bigotry in India.

Although seeing how BCCI is treating Pakistan in an ICC event is disturbing, we hope the event goes smoothly without any unfortunate incidents.

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