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Imad Wasim Ready to Play More

In a dramatic end to season nine of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Islamabad United won their third trophy. Leading the assault was Imad Wasim, an in-form all-rounder whose outstanding performance was critical to capturing the league title. Now, Imad shares his desire to keep playing cricket for the next five years while thinking about his experience and future goals.

Imad Wasim is eager to play more

Imad Wasim played a significant role in Islamabad United’s victory. He performed admirably in both batting and bowling, enabling his team to capture their last match against the Multan Sultans.

After the showdown, Imad Wasim discussed his feelings during the competition. He was pleased with his performance and the way things went for him.

He also acquired valuable insights from the last match. Imad Wasim believes in continuous learning and improvement.

He is aware that he can improve in certain areas, such as finishing matches faster. He wants to keep improving as a player.

Imad Wasim enjoys cricket and hopes to continue playing for a few years to come. He is fit and eager to contribute to his team’s achievement.


Imad Wasim hopes to continue winning with his club and growing as a player. He intends to lead Islamabad United to further success in the future. Imad Wasim’s cricket career has been marked by dedication and enthusiasm.

Winning the PSL final was a significant accomplishment for him, and he is looking forward to what the future holds. As he keeps playing, his supporters will cheer him on, hoping for more accomplishments on the field.

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