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Rizwan praises Islamabad United

Multan Sultans skipper Mohammad Rizwan generously revealed his views following his team’s tight loss to Islamabad United in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season nine final. Despite the sting of losing, Rizwan took some time to recognize Islamabad’s outstanding play and their success in winning their third PSL title.

Rizwan praises Islamabad United

By winning the trophy, Islamabad United became the most successful PSL team in history. This was their third title, demonstrating how good they are at cricket.

Mohammad Rizwan commended Islamabad United for their outstanding performance. He specifically noted Imad, who bowled effectively and scored significant runs.

Rizwan’s statements demonstrated respect for the opposing team’s abilities. Rizwan discussed how essential momentum is in cricket.

He emphasized how the time between matches might alter a team’s morale. Even if it may have had an impact on the Multan Sultans, Rizwan refused to make apologies and instead applauded Islamabad United’s performance.

Rizwan also confessed that he was dissatisfied with his batting in the final. However, he committed to continue practising hard and be prepared to play for Pakistan in any position. His honesty demonstrated his desire to improve.


The final concluded in a dramatic moment when Islamabad United’s Hunain Shah struck the winning shot. With only one run needed from the penultimate ball, Shah held his calm and smashed a boundary, earning the win for his team.

Even though the Multan Sultans lost, Mohammad Rizwan’s statements show that he appreciated the victorious team.

He also discussed improving his own game. This sportsmanship is an important aspect of cricket since it demonstrates that players can learn and progress regardless of whether they win or lose.

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