Kamran Akmal steps down to honor his prior commitments

Kamran Akmal has decided to step down as the national selector of the Pakistan cricket team. He did that to honor his prior commitments with a news channel. He was previously working as a chairman of the junior selection committee as well as a member of the national selector’s panel. The elder Akmal brother also worked as a commentator on a local news channel. Before he got his selector job at the PCB, he had signed a contract and now wants to honor it. But the PCB gig is in the way. So, he has to step down.

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Kamran Akmal Steps down as the selector.

Ex-Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal has opted to step down as a national selector in order to fulfill a previous engagement as a local TV channel analyst for the next Pakistan Super League season (PSL). Akmal, who just announced his retirement from all formats of cricket, has been named head of the junior selection committee as well as a part of the senior men’s selection committee.

In a message posted on Twitter, Akmal expressed remorse for his choice, but noted that his current contract with a commercial television station for the HBL PSL 8 and the PCB’s conflict of interest rules prompted him to step down as a selector.

He stated that after completing his media responsibilities, he will notify the PCB of his accessibility, and it will be up to them to determine how to use his services. According to reports, the Pakistan Cricket Board has recognized Akmal’s condition and backed his choice.

His statement

He said released the following statement on his Twitter.

“I was thrilled to be assigned duties in the senior and junior selection committees and was looking forward to contributing. Nevertheless, due to my original deal with the private TV station for HBL PSL 8, as well as adhering to the PCB’s conflict of interest regulation, I will not be able to take on these tasks right once. I informed the PCB of my choice. They have acknowledged my decision and are standing with me in this situation. After I finish my media obligations, I will notify the PCB of my availability, and it will be up to them to decide how to use my skills.”

Kamran Akmal tweeted from @KamiAkmal23


It is a great thing that PCB ensures that there is no conflict of interest. Before this situaton, Chairman Najam Sethi didnt let his own son to sing the PSL anthem due to conflict on interest. Kamran Akmal has been a great player for Peshawar Zalmi. We hope that he will fulfill his selector’s role greatly.

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